2 parts
4 parts
5-6 parts
Select the part level to be matched and tap the start button.
It covers kanjis consisting of 2 parts. Find the part matching the middle part drag on it.
If you cannot match 12 parts, the game is over.
When you tap the hint, the color of the part that the part will match will be seen as a ring.
If there is a white ring around the part of the kanji, then it means there is no matching part. You can drag it on any part.
It covers kanjis consisting of 3 or more parts.
A part of each kanji comes painted. Drag the matching parts from the middle over the kanji. If the part does not match, it moves towards the blank area. Use “Plus” to drag again. If four parts do not match and you exhausted your “Plus” right, the game is over.
When you tap the hint, you choose the part from the meaning of the kanji that the part will match.
You can try again by dragging the Plus in appearing in between.